jason_1964_singleIt all began with Freud’s Interpretation of DreamsScreen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.25.32 AM
I read it when still a boy and was hooked. I was fascinated by the workings of the mind and was clear from then on that this was my calling. What I didn’t know is that it was my own psychological and spiritual healing that was calling me.

This led me to obtain a Master’s Degree in Psychology and began a journey of seeking.
I quickly realized the limitations of traditional therapy with my clients and in my own therapy (I was a tough case). I set out on a search for alternative approaches for rapid and deep transformation that led me around the world and into study with over a dozen Awakened Masters. I was kind of a maniac for Self-Realization and participated in an extensive amount of inner work from both the Western Psychological and Eastern Mystical traditions.

I especially sought out core work that was deep and transformative.
Like I said, I was a tough case. I needed work that got to the very root of things. I wasn’t interested in solving “issues”,  I wanted to know who I really was – the Truth with a capital T.

I work with people who are ready to free themselves from limiting patterns of self-sabotage and show them how to live from their authenticity.
Likewise, in my work with clients, I was drawn to those methodologies that were transformative in nature. Deeper than feeling better, closer than familiar patterns of thought and behavior, lies a ground of being that has the capacity to be powerful, loving, and at peace under all circumstances. Dissolving the grip of the limiting “story” we have become identified with and bringing forward the open spaciousness of our authentic self is both deeply challenging and enormously ecstatic. It has been my great delight to have facilitated powerful transformative work internationally for over 40 years.

Oh, and my seeking. That ended some years ago.  I found what I was looking for.

Jason Brody, M.S., received certification in the Fischer-Hoffman (Quadrinity) Process, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian Hypnosis
He is also trained in Rebirthing, Sandplay and Dreamwork, and Family Constellation Therapy.
Jason has been a group facilitator at the Osho Rajneesh Commune in Poona, India.

He is recently returned from living in community with a truth-realized Guru, Sat Shree.

He has a special love for and teaches a course in The Enneagram.

His current work is The Awakening Intensive…a highly effective technology for deep, rapid transformation. It is likely to be the most powerful piece of inner work you have ever done. To schedule a complimentary half-hour phone consultation to determine whether this is what you are looking for, click here…