Grad Program Keep Going Days











Want to recharge and reconnect?

Has something arisen that you could move through?

Want to go deeper?

In this gathering of Awakening graduates we will reconnect with the energy of the Intensive. We may do rounds of reports, interactive group work, release or breath work, as well as presentation of material. The focus will be on naming, clarifying and strengthening the key understandings that happened for you in Awakening.

These will be a powerful events that can be a great support in your continued unfolding. Whether you are stuck and need to move some energy, or you are great and want to stay clear, KEEP GOING DAY will provide a structure that will be of service.


See schedule for upcoming dates

10am – 5pm Escondido $125

Reserve space now! Group size will be limited.

For Information and registration please contact Jason Brody, M.S.