This work gave me the self discipline to lose 40 pounds. – Rick, Research Scientist

Wow! This saved my life! This is the most powerful thing I’ve done. It is the most incredible feeling I’ve ever felt. What I found here was a sense of ease and security, safety and fearlessness. I have been energetically realigned. I have never felt like this before! – Ian, Film Director/Producer

I got more out of this than I dared dream possible. – Jeff, Portfolio Manager

Awakening saved my life. Before Awakening I couldn’t hear my body. Now medical tests document a 21 point drop in blood sugar, 10% improvement in cholesterol, and a 57 pound weight loss! I am in deep peace and power.– Ann, Risk Management

This was magical. I have been through hundreds of Processes, listened to many Masters, nothing was strong enough to change me. I was desperate to save myself. I now have confidence that I never had before. I gave birth to me! I released myself from slavery. My power is back within me.  – Sumit, High Tech Sales

This has been an amazing journey. To say that this transformed my life seems like an understatement. Awakening replaced fear with confidence, self hate with self love, replaced all the negative emotions that were welling up in me, destroying me. I found so much love inside, like a wellspring that keeps flowing. In my sales career, I went from last place to first place in one month. I am so grateful to you Jason. – Ralph, Auto Sales

Never in a million years would I have thought I could feel THIS good after one weekend of intense work. The joy that has returned to my heart and spirit has had a tremendous rippling affect on everyone that I touch, and everything that I do. I have experienced such significant cognitive, emotional, and intellectual clarity. When I came here I wasn’t sure I wanted to live. I wasn’t really in the storm, I was flying above it. This journey has reminded me that the warrior needs to be here. I found my peace and my Essence. I am delighted to be an earthling! I know how to do it now. I am so grateful and lucky to be here.
Specifically, my family life is much more calm and joyful. I had no idea how much my mood, behavior, and communication drove my family’s. At work, I have been more clear and assertive in meetings, and significantly more productive. Clients and co-workers alike have made comments like, “you look great”, “you’re on fire”, “your energy has been re-charged”, “where have you been? you seem so happy”. I have not craved the alcohol and other escapes I have so depended on before. I am more honest, fun, assertive, present, joyful, and clear than I have been in over a decade. I’ve also been able to sleep through the night, something that doesn’t come easily. It’s as if I’ve been living in black and white and now suddenly, everything is Kodachrome. The perpetual tightening in my chest and numbness in my left arm that has required 2 ER visits in 6 months, has COMPLETELY gone AWAY! I really can’t get over the magic you’re capable of Jason. – Alish, Corporate Facilitator

WOW! Jason you don’t mess around! These 3 days nailed me – it was the most intensive message delivery system. The Intensive was challenging, wonderful and ultimately joyful! It was everything I asked for and it was oh so juicy. I’m still walking around with this silly grin on my face. From the deepest part of my newly awakened heart I thank you! – Joe, Engineering Coordinator

Just wanted to say thank you so very much. You have helped me grow so much and your guidance has shown me so many things inside of myself that I never knew could possibly be there. I cannot tell you how much our work together has helped me and continues to help me on this journey each and every day. I am so grateful. – Lora, TV Producer

Thanks to you and the genius of your program I am alive in a way I have never been before. I am integrated, grounded, present. Incredible freedom. Thank you with my whole heart. – Marilyn, flight attendant

I am filled with light and love. I found what true peace feels like. I can take on the world! I believe in miracles – I just experienced one! – Kim, Vice President Client Services

Awakening was the most in depth, inner process work I have ever done and it was phenomenally healing, revealing and cathartic. The weekend for me was very intense, challenging, evocative, and powerful. Now I am feeling at peace with myself. – Amalya, Center of the Sacred Feminine

I learned more about myself in these 3 days than I had in my whole life before. – M.B., Business Owner

Awakening opened the space for incredible things to happen in my life. It is the most intense and transformational experience that I have ever encountered. Doing the work of my heart and finding joy is a testament to following this path. – Diane, Artist

I am having way too much fun and feel so much like I am finally LIVING my life. I’m not afraid to live, love, and be loved anymore. – Howard, Manager

Awakening was one of the best experiences of my life, which was, in fact, the experience of giving birth to my true self. I feel a lightness in my heart, joy in my body, and a smile on my lips. I am, and will always, be grateful to you for the creation of this magnificent program. – Mary, Graphic Designer

This was the most amazing experience, the best investment I have ever made in myself. I found joy! – Diana, Cardiology

I became unstoppable. – Karen, Yoga Instructor

This weekend was the most powerful experience of my life. I have done many workshops before but what I got was unbelievable! I feel so open and I know without a doubt that no one can take this away from me. – Malinda, Yoga Instructor

Wow! I would have paid anything for this! This gave me the one thing that I had not gotten in my entire life, and that was the truth. This truth set me free. I now have the ability to be the person I want to be, and that’s so liberating. Thank you, I’m so happy!– Jerold, Entertainment Marketing

My husband is awakened and alive and so much more present, connected, different. There’s an honesty, authenticity and passion to him that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing before. It would be incorrect to say you gave me my husband back or our lives back, because he’s never quite been this way and neither have we. You gave me back the man I always knew he was capable of being and so much more. In my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t have imagined him THIS WAY and I am just grateful. What you do is unparalleled and beautiful and I am forever grateful. I consider you a hero in my life and I can’t thank you enough for breathing life back into the two of us.

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