Q: What is the intention of the Awakening Intensive?
A: To have the direct experience of your Essential Self – who you truly are beneath the masks we have learned to wear – not as a belief or concept, but as actual FELT experience. And then to give you the tools to live from this place when you return to your life.

Q: How does it work?
A: Through a series of structured exercises and experiences you are led to distinguish between what is true and false within yourself – what is authentically yours and what has been the result of conditioning by others. At the same time that we are dismantling the defensive structure, we are energizing and bringing forth Essence. Awakening is deep emotional work.

Q: Is Awakening for everyone?
A: Almost everyone could benefit, but there needs to be a willingness and desire to face yourself at a deep level, which is true for some people and not others. This is a strong experience that goes very deep and participants are screened to ensure their ability to handle the transformational energy that is generated.

Q: I’ve done many seminars and processes. What is different about Awakening?
A: I, too, have done many seminars and processes and many forms of therapy. I have extracted the most powerful transformative elements into 3 days that move you directly to encounter, and break through, that which holds you back in your life. The key element is that Awakening is about making the transformation RIGHT NOW – it is not just another experience where you get more insight or take away some useful concepts. Awakening is finishing work.

Q: How did Awakening develop?
A: For many years I facilitated inner work based on deep childhood deconditioning. It was strong, transforming work, and it was also very long, involved and expensive. I was invited to lead this group in Australia and wanted to design a “warm-up” group – one that was leaner, shorter, and more affordable – so that people would benefit from my way of working and enroll in the bigger ticket deconditioning process. I expected Awakening to be good but was so amazed at the depth and power of the transformation that happened I stopped doing the former work and have been offering Awakening ever since.

Q: How can I find out more?
A: The next step is to contact Jason Brody through the contact link below and set up a half hour phone interview. During this interview I will explain the program in greater detail and we will look at what is going on in your life, what you are seeking, and see if we have a good fit. You can gain much through the interview itself, whether or not Awakening is appropriate for you. This interview is offered free of charge.

For information, a complimentary in-depth interview, or to sign up for the free newsletter contact Jason Brody, M.S.

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