You may recognize a battle within you.

It is a battle for the only thing you truly have control over – your attention.

Believing one side brings you peace and love. The other, depression, self-loathing and anxiety.

Which side will win? The one you align with and invest with your emotional energy.

You may be unconsciously collaborating with the wrong side due to unintegrated trauma.

What if you could find the freedom and courage to make a different choice?

If you have tried traditional forms of work without lasting success, if you understand the concepts of Self-Realization but don’t know how to apply them effectively, one phone call could change your life.

If you strongly desire…

• A greater capacity to love and be loved
• Access to powerful inner strength
• A lasting transformational breakthrough
There is a way out…
You really don’t have to live a diminished life anymore. It is possible to free yourself from false identification with the old story of you and experience directly the greatness of who you really are. Rapid, deep, and lasting transformation is available in a short period of intense work.

In the Awakening Intensive you will…

• Directly experience your authentic nature
• Find the freedom to believe in, and live from, your wholeness
• Free yourself from the grip of unhealthy, self-sabotaging habits
• Find in yourself what you have been seeking outside
• End the war with yourself – by winning!

Awakening is non-conceptual, extremely experiential, and provides a process by which you can reconnect with your freedom, wholeness, power, and passion. Life then becomes more representative of your authentic nature. This is not about changing your circumstances, it is about bringing forward the wholeness inside you that is free under all circumstances.

Here’s what graduates say…



Freedom’s possible right here, right now, and Jason Brody’s work unleashes that possibility like nothing I’ve ever before experienced! A whole new level of faith in my Self, the work I’m here to do, and the omnipresence of Love. Thank you for this brilliant, brilliant work! – Kimberlie, Psychotherapist

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What Graduates say…




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