One Graduate’s Experience

Adventures in Awakening

I always feel an element of frustration when trying to find words powerful enough to describe the experience of Jason Brody’s Awakening Intensive. Then I remember that if mere words could describe it, it would not be as profound and amazing as it is.

Someone who loves and cares about you may have recommended that you experience Awakening. Or perhaps you have “accidentally” stumbled upon some information about it. In either case, resistance will arise. It my be immediate or delayed. Its intrusion is a sure sign that the ego self that masquerades as you is making attempts to remain in charge of your life. While the ego self preserves its role as “king” we pay a high price. We are kept from our freedom and the glorious experience of aligning with our true natures. Again, words fall short in describing the experience of this alignment which is the essence of the Awakening Intensive.

Have compassion for that scared, small self who lives in fear of its own annihilation. But for the sake of your own peace and joy, as well as the evolution of humanity… DO NOT ALLOW IT TO RULE!!!

Below are some classic examples of the this ego self’s trickery:
1. “I don’t need to do Awakening. It’s only for people who are ______”
Fill in the blank with any of the following: screwed-up, not as screwed up as I am, crazy, unaware, troubled, courageous, in some kind of emotional pain” etc…
This is a story. Consider it and then move on to the truth. If you’re a human being you will benefit from this work!

2. “I don’t have the time.” – Time goes by anyway. Do you want to spend it sleepwalking or living fully in your grace and power?

3. “I don’t have the money.” – You always find the money for things that are important. Some of you will know that this work is urgently important before you sign on. Others will realize it after experiencing the Intensive for yourself, and you’ll be so grateful that you did!

4. “That sounds really scary and uncomfortable. Forget about it!” – At least there is some honesty here. The ego self always knows when its game is about to be revealed. It gets really scared. So, consider the following:

Jump through this ring of fire. It will burn away that which is not you. You will be unscathed and in direct contact with your true essence and more fully alive than ever before. Or perhaps you would rather linger at the edges of that fire being painfully burned and frightened by it for the rest of your life? The choice is yours.

5. “I’ve done enough personal development work.” – O.K. You’ve reached nirvana? Nice try!

6. “Its effects probably won’t last.” – Speak with a graduate.

But for now… NO MORE WORDS!